Checklist Final Phase

Assignment of reviewers

The assignment of the reviewers can already take place before the submission of the doctoral thesis!

  • Name at least two reviewers and contact the persons concerned in advance
  • Submit the assignment form and abstract electronically to the SSC; for external reviewers, please include an academic CV and a list of publications
  • NOTE: Assessment takes up to 4 months!

Submission of doctoral thesis

For your doctoral defense, it is best to send the registration form to the SSC two weeks before the scheduled date.


On the occasion of your graduation, the university asks you to provide data on your experiences abroad during your studies. The collection of this data is obligatory due to a decree of the Federal Ministry of Science and Research.
Only after the SSC has received confirmation of this survey on study-related stays abroad will the digital graduation documents be sent to you. 

The printed graduation documents can be collected from the SSC after approximately three weeks.