How Do I Apply for Nostrification?

First Steps (BEFORE Submitting your Application)

Please contact Claudia Fritz-Larott at the Office of the Studienpräses of the University of Vienna for:

  • General information, advice and counselling on nostrification issues
  • Information on the individual steps of the nostrification procedure
  • Support for filing your application

Claudia Fritz-Larott
Office of the Studienpräses
University of Vienna
1010 Vienna, Universitätsring 1
Tel.: + 43- 1-4277-12154
Fax: +43-1-4277-12159


After the Office of the Studienpräses has checked your documents you can send your application to the StudiesServiceCenter (SSC) Psychology.

The application can be submitted:

Please keep in mind that we can only accept and process applications that include all the required documents listed below. If you have questions concernig application and/or any of the required documents, please contact the SSC staff member in charge of nostrification ( before submitting your application.

Required Documents
  • Application form (Download)
    • If your hold a bachelor's and a master's degree in Psychology, please submit both degrees with the same application. Under "Beantragter inländischer akademischer Grad" please enter both "Bachelor of Science" and "Master of Science".
  • Birth certificate and other documents confirming a change of name (e.g. marriage certificate) if your previous name is used on the certificates submitted
  • Proof of citizenship, passport
  • Residence title (except EEA-citizens)
  • Secondary-school leaving certificate or evidence of general university entrance qualification
  • Curriculum vitae (condensed, highlighting specifically the previous educational background)
  • Written documentation that the applicant actually needs nostrification for the purpose of working in his/her profession or continuing his/her education in Austria.
  • Document confirming that the foreign degree programme was completed
  • Certificates of the exams passed and the academic theses approved
  • Records of study
    • Transcript (evidence of admission to a university abroad)
    • Curriculum (documentation of the courses of the degree programme completed, i.e. the official curriculum, student's handbook and/or syllabus)
  • Academic thesis
    • Diploma thesis, master thesis or doctoral thesis
    • A 10-page summary of each of them
  • Payment receipt of nostrification fee (€ 150).
    • Account details: Raiffeisenlandesbank NÖ-Wien, IBAN AT083200000000675447; indicate „Nostrifizierung ER 100000“ as the purpose of payment)

Certified translations must be provided for all documents that were not issued in German or English.

All foreign documents and all copies and translations made in a foreign country must additionally be legalised in the issuing country.

Documents from the following countries are exempt from this legalisation requirement: Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, the Federal Republic of Germany, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden.

Documents issued in Ukraine are not currently required to be legalised.