Learning Agreement

There are currently two options for submitting your Learning Agreement:

  • Erasmus Without Paper Network: If your home university uses the Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) network to process Learning Agreements, please create your Learning Agreement in your home university's system. You will receive an email as soon as your Learning Agreement has been sent to the University of Vienna. Follow the instructions provided in the e-mail to further process your Learning Agreement and have it signed by the Mobility Coordinator.
  • If you home university does not currently use the EWP network, please send your Learning Agreement as a PDF file to isabella.nerozzi@univie.ac.at

Please ask your home university about the submission deadline for the Learning Agreement.

There is no deadline on the part of the mobility coordinator of the University of Vienna.

Courses outside your nominated field of study

Students who have been nominated for Psychology are expected to select most of their courses among those offered by the Directorate of Studies 20 Psychology (course numbers 20XXXX).

If you plan on taking courses offered by other Directorate of Studies, please read the information on "Courses outside your nominated field of study" on the International Office website.